Sunday, July 26, 2009

Knowing God

So today at church, they showed the video "Thats My King" by S.M. Lockridge and everything, it just pumps me up! But it's funny because the last few days I have really been thinking about all of the names of God and really meditating on different characteristics of who he is.
But when I think about those different names of who God is, I don't merely want to know them, and I want to experience those different attributes of God. In the Bible, God took the initiative to reveal Himself to his people by experience. Usually, when God revealed Himself to individuals, He disclosed a new name to his character and described his nature. So in the Bible we frequently see new names or titles for God following an event in which someone experienced God.
So I began to think of ways that I have experienced God in my own life. How about you? In what ways have you personally experienced God?
As your....?
Comforter in sorrow
Wonderful Counselor
My strong deliverer
Our Father
A sure Foundation
God Almighty
God who avenges me
Our Guide
Our Help
Great High Priest
My Hope
Righteous Judge
Our Leader
Light of life
Lord of the harvest
The most holy
Prince of Peace
Refuge and Strength
My Savior
Sovereign Lord
My Support
Bread of Life
My Confidence
Defender of widows
Faithful and True
A consuming Fire
My friend
God of all comfort
God who saves me
Head of the church
My Hiding Place
Holy One among you
King of kings
Your Life
Lord of lords
Our Peace
My Redeemer
My Salvation
The Good Shepherd
My Stronghold
Good TEacher

Here is that sweet video..

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