Monday, January 19, 2009

Be like Job

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So I've been reading Job. Wow.. great guy! I was thinking that the church doesn't talk about Job very often. Ya, we bring him up if we are having tough circumstances and we can model his faith in saying "Blessed be the name of the Lord". But when circumstances are great, when life is looking good, we don't tend to turn to Job. Why is that? Well, because we don't want to be a Job. I don't want to be a Job. We don't want to have to lose everything, lose our house, our family, our health, everything, and be tested in that way. Job is not a very comfortable story. It kind of makes your stomach turn a little bit, doesn't it? One thing I do want is to be used by God. I beg God to use me! I beg him to display his glory through my life. Job did that. In chapter one, God is having a conversation with Satan. Satan thinks the only reason that Job is worshiping God is because God has blessed him. He doesn't think its out of love. But God knows Job. He knows that he will stand true. Does he know that about me? Could he bring my name up in a conversation with Satan the same? God really put his name out there on a count for Job. He believed that Job would bring glory to his name. Could God say that about us? Could he say "Satan, you may do your worst but he will not bend; you may bring in your biggest guns but she will not break; they have built their house upon a rock and they shall not be moved. They shall run and not grow weary; they shall walk and not faint. For I know them. They are my sons, they are my daughters, they my servants and they will not fail me." Looking at Jobs life, the same can be true about Jesus. "Oh, I'd hate to be that guy! I'd hate to have to go through what he did." But in reality, the Christian life is not just about getting to know God, but also becoming like him, to bear his shame, to carry his purpose, to share in His suffering, and to be a bearer of His glory. So I pray that I would have a desire to be like Job, to be like Jesus. I want the God of the universe to bring up my name in a conversation with Satan and choose me to be the vehicle though which he will bring forth His glory, even if it is a great cost to myself.

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  1. wow. wow again. i love hearing stuff like this and how it transforms my thinking, ahh! God reveals Himself through your blog, its incredible.